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Irina Volfson Introduces Magnatist, Luxury Innovation & Lifestyle Consultancy

Irina Volfson introduces Magnatist, a hybrid luxury innovations & lifestyle consultancy for established businesses, HNWI, and Family Offices. Magnatist offers an elevated toolkit of dedicated resources that not only add value but also keep a business at the forefront of trends, ensuring sustained creativity and empowering clients to achieve more. “Our innovations and lifestyle consultancy helps organizations and family offices solve complex issues, contributing to the development of new ideas and solutions.” said Irina Volfson, CEO/Founder. “It could include working on a complex issue, managing a project from start to finish, generating ideas, prototyping and developing solutions with real impact…

Meet Brian Foote, CFA, of Broadway Capital Management

Brian Foote, CFA has been involved in professional asset management for over two decades. Foote launched Broadway in the 1Q2020 with the idea of buying dislocated securities and setting up convex payout structures—buying call options on businesses that have had temporary market mispricing. The fund is long/short and concentrated across four broad categories: Transportation, Technology, Natural Resources and Consumer. Using a proprietary process, Foote hunts for asymmetric mispriced securities with convex payouts and then construct capital-efficient means of owning them via derivatives (calls and puts). Based on his 25+ years’ experience value investing across multiple markets, the process of identifying…

Veloce Capital: Revolutionizing Real Estate Investment with Tailored Strategies

Article by provided courtesy of Veloce Capital.  Republished with permission. Veloce Capital is not just a private real estate investment firm; it’s a dynamic powerhouse dedicated to creating and amplifying wealth for its clients. How do we achieve this? Through our diversified investment strategies – from debt strategies delivering consistent monthly income to equities strategies leveraging the upside potential of projects, and tailored syndications designed to optimize tax savings and build generational wealth. Veloce Capital transforms investment goals into realities. Let’s delve into a case study that shines a spotlight on our innovative approach and demonstrates how we work hand-in-hand…

Family Offices Should Partner with Venture Capital – Report

A new research report by former family office executive Brian Laung Aoaeh indicates that family offices can benefit from partnering with venture capital firms. Abstract of Report: Many more single- and multi-family offices are shifting capital to the venture capital asset class and away from other asset classes. In some instances such family offices are also seeking to do more direct technology venture capital investing. This is often motivated and driven by the desire of a younger generation of family members to direct capital toward innovations that will have a meaningful and positive impact in the world. It is worth…

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