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Family Offices Should Partner with Venture Capital – Report

A new research report by former family office executive Brian Laung Aoaeh indicates that family offices can benefit from partnering with venture capital firms. Abstract of Report: Many more single- and multi-family offices are shifting capital to the venture capital asset class and away from other asset classes. In some instances such family offices are also seeking to do more direct technology venture capital investing. This is often motivated and driven by the desire of a younger generation of family members to direct capital toward innovations that will have a meaningful and positive impact in the world. It is worth…

Storylines Residential Cruise Ship Offers a ‘More Affordable’ Life At Sea

Living on a cruise ship full time is a long-held, but perhaps unrealistic, dream for many cruise lovers. Extended world cruises have become more popular, with future voyages announced despite the effects the pandemic, and various luxury residences at sea have entered the market in recent years. However, such experiences often come with a high price tag, which ultimately means that many ardent cruise fans are left out. The upcoming MV Narrative ship from Storylines, a “residential community at sea,” launches in 2024. Storylines is offering a more affordable opportunity to live aboard a cruise ship for an extended period…

Investing in Disruptive Food – E²JDJ

NEW ORLEANS — The founding partners of a new venture capital fund are dedicated to supporting scalable solutions to the food system’s most formidable challenges. Stephanie Dorsey and Corey Jones recently launched New Orleans-based E²JDJ to invest in founders creating novel technology platforms and products addressing such issues as climate change, public health and food security. Investments primarily will focus on disruptive cell-based, plant-based and fermentation-based food, ingredients and technologies. “We invest in innovators that are truly shaking up every component of the food value chain from seed to site,” Ms. Dorsey said. “There is an urgent need to massively…